Installation Hot Tub Enclosure – Solarus 11×13

Step by step installation of Solarus gazebo 11 feet x 13 feet.

gazebo roof header assembly

1. Layout and attach the roof headers to on another.

gazebo roof header assembly

2. Attach the roof headers to the hips with lag bolts provided.

gazebo roof header assembly

3. Attach all four hips to the roof headers. The lag bolts should be in place but loose.

two men assembling a gazebo roof

4. Hold the center hub in place and align the hips.

a man assembling a gazebo roof

5. Attach the hips to the center hub.

tightening roof assembly bolts

6. Tighten the lag bolts to secure the headers to the hips securely.

installing gazebo roof rafters

7. Place rafters in the slotted areas.

man assembling a gazebo roof

8. Attach each rafter to the hub and to the roof header.

a gazebo roof assembly

9. Continue until all rafters are installed. The roof frame is now complete.

man assembling a gazebo roof

10. Remove the protective cover sheet from each roof panel.

a man installing a hot tub enclosure roof panel

11. Install the roof panels, starting with a corner roof panel. Slide the corner roof panel along the 45 degree dado until it is snug in place in both the dado of the hip and the dado of the rafter.

a man installing a hot tub enclosure roof panel

12. Secure each roof panel once you have slid it in place.

a man installing a hot tub enclosure roof panel

13. Once all eight corner roof panels are installed, you can install the two rectangular roof panels.

hot tub enclosure transparent roof assembly

14. Secure all roof panels in place.

a man installing a hot tub enclosure roof panel and cap

15. Install and secure the center roof cap.

a completed roof assembly

16. The roof is now completely assembled and you can proceed to construct the gazebo body.

a man installing a gazebo corner walls

17. Start constructing the gazebo body by attaching two 48 inch wall sections at a 90 degree angle by using the corner 2×2 connector.

two men attaching a hot tub walls

18. Continue along the short side of the gazebo and attach a 24 inch wall section and then a 48 inch wall section.

two men attaching a hot tub walls

19. Once you have completed the first short side of the gazebo proceed to install the wall sections on the long side of the gazebo.

a Solarus gazebo with walls installed

20. Continue around the gazebo until all wall sections and the door section is installed.

two men installing a completed gazebo roof

21. Raise the roof on to the top of the gazebo body. This may take 2 or 3 persons to raise the roof comfortably.

screwing roof to the wall

22. The gazebo roof is automatically squared. At this point you may need to slightly shift your walls so that the inside top edge of the gazebo walls are flush with the top inside edge of the roof frame. Start securing the roof by screwing from the walls upward.

a complete Solarus gazebo

23. Continue around the inside top perimeter of the walls until the entire roof is securely fastened.

Completed Solarus 11x13 Gazebo

24. Enjoy your completed gazebo.