The Best Add-Ons for Any Hot-Tub Enclosure

Your hot-tub enclosure is your own peaceful haven in your home. Apart from your bedroom, this backyard structure is practically the only place where you really get to relax without being disturbed. These enclosures act like your own mini spa, which beats having to go and pay for the expensive five-star experience in actual spas. Here, you get to control everything—your privacy, the elements inside the space, the silence and peace—all within the comforts of your own home. Hot-tub enclosures also add a bit of luxury to your home even though they can be affordable and easy to build yourself.

When you get a hot-tub enclosure for yourself, the question remains as to how to accessorize it. Beyond the wooden walls and the jacuzzi pool, what more can you add to really make it seem like a luxury spa? If you’re at a loss, you can take these few suggestions.

Scented Candles

Scented candles are practically the easiest and most affordable add-ons to get that five-star spa experience in your hot-tub enclosure. They’re warm and peaceful, give off relaxing smells, and can add some color to your backyard structure. You can find any of them in various lifestyle shops, lifestyle stores, and more. You just have to be careful where to place them, as they can be dangerous fire hazards when left unattended. This is especially when your hot-tub enclosure is made out of wood.

Aromatic Oils

If you don’t want to risk a fire hazard, you can instead add in some aromatic oils. Put them in sprays and fill your hot-tub enclosure with the relaxing scents that are just as good and effective as scented candles. While they won’t add light or color in the space, their smells will be just, if not stronger, when sprayed in the air. You also have a variety of scents to choose from, from the more natural florals like lavender and jasmine to the sweeter smells of vanilla and cinnamon.

Hanging Plants

Plants will bring in the same amount of refreshing scents in your hot-tub enclosure. But beyond that, they also brighten up the room and give off oxygen for cleaner air to breath. The floral kinds are musts in livening up any room, especially your hot-tub enclosure. In fact, they’re practically the best design feature to add in the space because they add to the natural and outdoorsy aesthetic of the structure.  When choosing botanical elements, go for the hanging ones so you’ll leave a lot of space for other add-ons in the enclosure.


Hot-tub enclosures are usually natural and outdoorsy-looking, no matter how homely you make them feel. With this in mind, stones can keep up this specific aesthetic while still promoting peace and relaxation among those who enjoy this amenity. You can have the floor made entirely out of stones or keep some warm stones ready in case one wants to really relax and rejuvenate while inside the enclosure. There are also other stones, more known as crystals, that can also induce serenity, such as Rose Quartz and Amethyst. They not only help you become more peaceful but also make for nice decorations.

Colorful Cushions

Sometimes, you’ll host guests that would want to hang out in the hot-tub enclosure but not get into the jacuzzi. As a good host, you have to give them some places to stay on, so why not add a few colorful cushions? The seating in your enclosure doesn’t have to take up much space, which makes the cushions the perfect add-ons. They can be colorful and stylish, but most importantly, are soft and comfortable. And when they’re not in use, you can just pile them up in a corner for more leg room.

Rocking Chairs

What if you invite some guests that require special seating and the cushions just won’t do for them? Add a rocking chair. This old-school furniture is classic and relaxing, which will further add to the rustic and woodsy vibe of your enclosure. You and your guests can rock the day away while others are busy lounging in the hot-tub. You can also position the rocking chair near the jacuzzi so the people sitting on it can at least dip their feet into it.

Massage Chairs

No spa-like space is complete without a massage, but a massage table and masseur won’t fit inside your hot-tub enclosure. Instead, get the next best thing: a massage chair. In any corner of the enclosure, you can position one or two for those who want to relax in the backyard structure but don’t want to go into the hot tub. It is imperative that these electronic chairs are places considerably far from the jacuzzi, as getting them wet might break them or lead to unfortunate accidents.

Sound System

If you really want to drown out the rest of the world while you’re inside your hot-tub enclosure, install a sound system. Put in speakers in the corners of the structure and play soothing music or practically anything you’d like. You can even make the enclosure soundproof so that whatever you’re blasting inside the space won’t disturb the main house and the neighbors. Similarly to the massage chairs, however, you just have to make sure that the actual electronic system is positioned away from the watery hot tub.

Mini Bar

Want to have some fun in your hot-tub enclosure? Add a mini bar! It can be a small bar in the corner of the structure or a simply a cart filled with all your favorite drinks. The latter may prove to be a better idea as it will maximize space more than the former. Whichever you choose, a mini bar will do wonders for hosting soirees and small gathering inside your hot-tube enclosure. Just keep everything neat and organized for less mess and risks of accidents.

Pool Toys

Some childlike fun in your hot-tub enclosure would hurt, so why not incorporate a few pool toys inside? They can range from water guns and bazookas to floaties in all shapes, sizes, colors, and designs. The enclosure can also act as a great storage space for such when they’re not in use during a vacation. As long as they can be neatly put away in a corner and are not too big that they use up too much space, pool toys are fun add-ons to your hot-tub enclosure.

There are loads of relaxing and/or fun items to add to your hot-tub enclosure. Let your imagination run wild and incorporate a lot of them into your own for a luxury experience you and your guests will never forget.

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