Reviews / Testimonials

Eileen and Marvin

We received our Brentwood Gazebo in the middle of a Minnesota winter, so we had to wait a bit to install it! Once it arrived at the shipping port the weather was so bad we lost the chance for the person we had hired to transport it to us so we contacted Westview and they helped us get the crate to our house. The entire staff was always available to answer questions and help in any way that they could. We spent 6 hours from start to finish once we finally got a spring day. Instructions were easy to follow, great step by step photos to go by. Have your drill handy, and maybe a pry bar, otherwise everything you need is in the box and clearly labeled. We laid all parts out as we unpacked the crate so they were easy to identify. The product is beautiful, sturdy and a great addition to our backyard (neighbors are jealous!). And a hint on what to do with the metal packing frame: We advertised it for free for a firewood storage rack, got numerous people who responded and it was gone in just a few hours! We highly recommend Westview Manufacturing if you are looking for a great gazebo at a very reasonable price. Thanks to James and the entire crew. Eileen and Marvin, Minnesota

Theresa E.
North Carolina

To Westview Manufacturing:

“Hi James, Finally got the building up. Here’s the beautiful building on the pool deck. We are in the process painting the floor, putting in a bar & refrigerator along with ceiling fans. As soon it’s all finish I will send you more pictures. I’ve had so many people ask where I got the building & I have gave them the website. I’m so happy with the gazebo. Thank you all — Theresa Ellis”

Dorothy Abbott

To all the staff and craftsman at Westview gazebo, Thank you for a superior product, I love my new gazebo Solaris 11×11. Its beautiful!!! We can now enjoy the privacy it provides. My boyfriend and a friend put it up in 1 day. The joinery was right on the money (he’s a carpenter) we decided to drop the hot tub down and it’s really cool to relax in hot tub and look up at our gazebo, so much room also I was able to put in carpet, 2 chairs and table and even some plants. Thank you for my little paradise. And a shout out to James and Mark.

Testimony D. Thompson - Spa Gazebo|Hot Tub Enclosure - Westview Manufacturing

D. Thompson
Hudson, NY

We looked everywhere to find a building to house our swim spa. We couldn’t find a local spa store that carried large gazebo buildings for swim spas. I am so glad that we found your business. Initially, we were worried about buying something this large online but in fact we are ecstatic as we saved over 10 thousand dollars compared to having a local carpenter build something for us. Also, the building we received far exceeded our expectations.

Megan Swanson
Racine, WI

We love the design of the Solahut! The 3/4 door is perfect for us to step right into our tub. Your gazebo only took my husband two hours to install. Fantastic.I can send you some more photos if you want. I took this photo from my deck which best shows the cool 3/4 door.

Judy McDugald
Las Vegas, Nevada

Hi James and Alex,

“I can’t say enough about your kindness, professionalism and help with the purchase and installation of our beautiful spa enclosure. Your product is exquisite! Relatives and neighbors have been here over the last 2 days since completion. We are all impressed by this product!
You were also sensitive to the fact that my husband just got home from emergency surgery only one day before the gazebo was assembled, which only took a day plus a few hours.
Thank you James, you were super informing me about your wonderful product and making all the arrangements easy for me. Thank you Alex for doing a perfect job on the installation!!! It was over 100 degrees here in Las Vegas, Nevada and you didn’t hesitate for one moment on the installation due to the unbearable heat! You made sure everything went smoothly and I am grateful to you for all your hard work.”

Judy McDugald

John B.
Pittsburgh, PA

Many thanks to your team in delivering our hot tub enclosure. From order to delivery was less than 3 weeks. The Zento was easy to assemble, the manual made it almost fool proof, it took my wife and I about 5 hours from start to finish.

Ellen Keilman
Washington State

We are delighted with the design, quality, and appearance of our gazebo. The staff at Westview Mfg. were professional from start to finish, answering all of our questions, holding the gazebo until we were ready to take delivery, provided detailed assembly instructions, and were readily available during the assembly stage. Sturdy, full-size doors and windows on three sides allow us to enjoy the views and feel the breeze while using our hot tub. The windows glide open with ease and close tightly to keep out insects. Living in an area subject to high winds, we are impressed with how well this gazebo withstands the storms. Best of all, the low maintenance, composite material, will never rot and will last for many years to come. We highly recommend this product, you won’t be disappointed.

an Aspen gazebo with fences

Gloria Scaggs
South Rockwood, Michigan

Hi James, here are some pictures of the gazebo. We are very pleased with this. We had 2 guys put it together for us they started around 10:30 a.m., and they had to carry the pieces from our pole barn which is around 200 feet to where we have it. They put it together in about 5 hours and put the roof on the next day. I really love this gazebo. I highly recommend if anyone wants an enclosed gazebo with windows and screens for a hot tub or just for an outdoor sitting room this is the one to get. It’s perfect and better than we expected.

a Colorado gazebo views from inside and outside

Shay Buxton
Chicago, IL

Hey guys, I am sending you a whole set of pics inside and out of my gazebo. Your gazebo exceeded my expectations. The quality is very good. I preordered during the winter and it worked perfectly. By the time the ground was un frozen, production was completed and ready to ship. I created a homey space around my tub. What do you think of it? I have a table and sofa and patio lanterns…… My partner and I love it! If you need more photos let me know. You can use me as a referral anytime. Great website by the way.

Steve Thames
Somerset, NJ

We are very very happy. The Solarus gazebo was easy to install and the lexan roof lets in a lot of light. The finish on your gazebo is very nice and really brightens up our backyard. It gives us a good space to relax and have the kids hang out in.

Linda Soriano

If you live in Minnesota, you know the snow can be difficult, to say the least. We bought our hot tub in the spring. Didn’t use it once in the winter. What a shame. Now we are looking forward to our first snow of the year, so we can enjoy our hot tub in the middle of winter. It’ll be a first for us. We bought the Aspen gazebo which is made from synthetic wood. It looks wonderful, inside and out, and it’s a lot stronger than we anticipated. We recommend Westview Manufacturing to anyone looking for a strong spa gazebo for their backyard. My husband and son had it set up in just under 10 hours.

a view of the late from inside and outside an Aspen gazebo

Mike Patterson
Moses Lake, WA

Hey guys, here are some photos. My wife and I are very happy with the gazebo. It is a lot more solid than we expected. It took about 8 hours to install and we still have a great view of the lake. I want to thank you for assistance in the whole process. We will be happy to provide a reference for you. Keep up the great work.

a Colorado gazebo

Jerry and Linda Stout

To Westview Manufacturing:

“We really want to thank James, our salesman, and Andrew, our shipping representative. They were very friendly, courteous and did everything they could to make the purchasing and receiving of our gazebo a pleasure. We love the 12’X18’ Colorado gazebo. It was easy to put together by following the drawings and the color matches perfectly with my barn & shop trim. Our spa fits in the gazebo and leaves the room at the end for seats and a table. The thing we loved the most was the ability to switch panels, windows, and the door to fit our needs. That is a great concept that your company came up with. The gazebo looks great and fits our needs perfectly. We will now be able to use the spa no matter what the season is. We have sent several pictures of the gazebo to you so you can see the result. If anyone asks us about the gazebo, we will refer them to you.

Thank you so much for a wonderful product and an amazing experience.”

a Solarus gazebo views from inside and outside

Janet Jones
San Mateo, CA

We are so happy with our Solarus 11×17 gazebo. We have had it for about 9 months now and finally got around to writing a review. The Cedar still looks fantastic and the and the gazebo is a great place to have friends over for tea. About a month about a month ago my grandson hit a baseball through the window and when we called Westview they were extremely helpful and got us a replacement window within one week. Amazing. I wish all companies we deal with are this conscientious. Way to go guys. Keep up the great service.

a gazebo in the yard

Pamela Schubacher
Naples, FL

Alex, thanks for fitting us in on the custom color production run. We love the Aspen 10×14. The gazebo matches the color of our house and we enjoy having it on our patio. All our friends that come over admire the quality of craftsmanship. We love how much privacy it adds to our patio. We can use our tub comfortably year round. Andrew was great in helping coordinate the delivery. Thanks again. You can use us a reference anytime. Keep up the good work.

R. Chilinski
New York, USA

The gazebo was shipped very fast. 1-2 weeks. Was packed extremely well. No one could believe a 12X20 gazebo came in the shipping crate. Assembly was very straight forward. Just needed to pay attention and use common sense. Any one that has seen, it Raves about it.

Chelle Ver

Here are some photos of our finished 12×12 Aspen hot tub enclosure. It turned out beautifully!
I may send you some more tomorrow after our snow…will likely be beautiful!

Here are some photos of our enclosure after our snow storm. We got around a foot of snow!  Thank you so much! We love the enclosure! We were in it during the snowstorm and it was great!

Tina Fourkas

This gazebo (Solarus 9×13) is really nice and very good quality. It surrounds our 8×8 hot tub and is just the right size (except hot tub cover a bit difficult to get on and off since there’s little to no room on the sides). The installation of the wall/window/door panels was pretty easy; putting the roof together wasn’t too bad but it took four strong guys to get that darn thing lifted up and onto the gazebo! We’ve definitely been using the hot tub more now that we’re out of the elements – but what’s neat, is on a nice warm day, just pop open the windows and you get a nice breeze blowing through. The 9×13 is just right to be able to step out of hot tub, put on your robe and then put the cover back onto the tub without freezing to death (we’re in Colorado – lots of snow and cool nights). Would definitely recommend Westview and their products!

Aspen hot tub enclosure photo collage

Donna Kin
Tiffin, OH

Better quality than we could ever imagine. Everyone who sees it are amazed. So beautiful. Stays unbelievably warm when the sun shines. One of our neighbors saw all the parts and thought we could never put it together. They were astonished. Just after 8 hours. So beautiful. Love our Gazebo. Thanks to James and Andrew for all you support. Best regards, Donna Kin.

Confort Page

Hi James,
I am enjoying my gazebo immensely. I have included a few pictures as requested.
Best regards, Confort

S. Hudson
Dover, NH

Please find attached photos of the Colorado 12×12 that I bought from your website I am really happy with the product as it was easy to put together and looks beautiful. I am looking forward to enjoying my hot tub in the winter now.

Bob Clarke

Our old gazebo from Home Depot lasted for 4 years. After it fell apart we didn’t use our hot tub much. My wife and I wanted a gazebo that will last, and were surprised of the quality of the Westview spa gazebo. The Aspen 12×16 is made very solid having metal doors and windows with tempered glass. The best upgrade we ordered was the screens which is critical for Minnesota as we get a lot of mosquitoes. The screens have a very convenient design because they slide on a separate track which lets us open them to pass a drink through the window and then close them again. We love it. It’s bigger than our old unit, so we poured a new cement pad for it, which turned out great. Took 1 day to assemble. Great purchase. We give it 5 stars.

Jessica Dane
Erie, PA

We have been enjoying our gazebo immensely. Installation took about 12 hours a little longer than what you mentioned but we took our time. The quality of your workmanship is excellent all parts were precision made. Your customer service was excellent to deal with they helped us from the time we placed our order to the time we had a few questions on install. Thanks for taking care of us.

Todd Primmer
Berthoud, CO

Regarding the Aspen 12×20 gazebo….Once we built the base to make it tall enough for our swim spa it only took a couple of days to assemble. Everyone that sees it can’t believe how good it looks. Much better than anything else we found.

Testimony Monica Reimer 13x25 - Spa Gazebo|Hot Tub Enclosure - Westview Manufacturing

Monica Reimer
Happy Valley, OR

Hi James, thanks for arranging the installation for my Solchalet 13×25. The two guys set up the building in about 6 hours. We are really going to maximize our use of our swim spa as we can use it year round now. We are so glad we found your company. We looked all over the internet for a good quality enclosure for our swim spa. was the only place we could find that met all our needs. Your website is so comprehensive and the prices are fantastic. Cheers Monica.

an Aspen hot tub enclosure beside concrete stairs

Brian Hume

How to have a great looking gazebo next to the house in 8 easy steps. Step 1, choose which size we want. Step 2, call Westview and order. Step, 3 wait a week. Step 4, open the crate that arrived at my door. Step 5, call my brother to help put it together (call your own brother, not mine). Step 6, admire how nice it looks on the side of the house. Step 7, take lots of pictures and tell your friends that you built it all by yourself. Step 8, enjoy a cold beer!

Couldn’t be happier, you guys make a wonderful unit, ordering was easy, with helpful salespeople. I wish that other companies would do it like you guys and gals. Kudos.

G. Rushlow
Newport, Michigan

We love our Solaris enclosure. It came nicely packaged this past winter and remained in our driveway until the spring when our deck was completed. It was easy to put together, about four hours and we couldn’t be happier. We love all the windows and screens and how the roof allows all the light to come in and best part is no bugs! This is the best product we’ve seen of its kind. Thank you so much. Mary and Gary Rushlow

Testimonial Mark Stewart - Spa Gazebo|Hot Tub Enclosure - Westview Manufacturing

Mark Stewart
Wellesley, MA

Love your Solchalet. It works well to protect my swim spa. Now I can use it year round with no worries. The translucent roof panels let in good deal of light which is great.

Testimony Joseph McClain - Spa Gazebo|Hot Tub Enclosure - Westview Manufacturing

Joseph McClain
Katy, Texas

Really happy with your Gazebo. It looks real good in my backyard. Great for the wife and I to enjoy some beers in privacy. I am going to recommend your company to all my friends. Jack, was great in walking me through the set up. Much appreciated.

Tony Cielo
Saint Cloud, FL

Hi guys. You weren’t kidding me about the quality! The sliding windows and doors are totally solid. Your gazebo is 10 times better than my old wood gazebo that I got from my local spa store. The Ultrawood is perfect. I love maintenance free materials. you are the best. You can use me as a reference anytime. Ciao.

Dan & Lisa
LaFontaine, Indiana

My wife and I purchased the Colorado 12×20 gazebo as a shelter around our new hot tub.  At first we were concerned about the price and the fact that we did not have any construction experience.  When we unpacked all of the parts and pieces it was overwhelming and we wondered if we’d made a big mistake by greatly overestimating our abilities.  Once the 1st corner was standing and we started putting together other sections, the building started taking shape quicker than we thought.  As we studied the directions we were able the figure out how just the two of us could do the next installation steps.  Now that the building is finished, we are very pleased with the outcome, the beautiful appearance and strength of the building.  As we sit in the hot tube looking up through the skylight, we are both proud of the finished product and find the building worth every penny and all the hard work.  You can do this.

an Aspen hot tub enclosure in the yard

Martin Lee
North Dakota

We looked at many different options, including steel buildings, having someone build a mini house for us, open air pergola, covered deck addition and big box store ‘gazebos’. We were pleasantly surprised when we found your website. We chose the Aspen gazebo and it was delivered in just over a week. I find it to very well built, with composite materials like Trex decking. This will last a lifetime, I’m sure.

Was pretty easy to put together with great detailed instructions. We did have an issue with 2 missing bolts, which you couriered to us overnight, so I can’t complain. My wife got some furniture for the inside, and she decorated inside, and it looks terrific. I love the rear window frames, love the swing out doors. There is so much light inside with all the windows and the skylight. We were a little worried that it would be too dark and feel claustrophobic inside, but it’s great!

Very impressed, if you ever need a testimonial or review, you only have to ask, I would be happy to oblige. My neighbors will probably be calling you soon for their very own unit. I will send you photos of the finished gazebo shortly.
Ps. I appreciate the tip about building the concrete pad bigger than necessary, it looks much better this way with the open area outside the front entrance. It looks as part of our back yard as opposed to an addition.

a gazebo with bar and stools

Jamie Shultz
Nashville, TN

Hi Richard. We are really happy with our Zento gazebo. The quality is much better than we expected. The Ultrawood is beautiful. We love the open design as we have a great view off our deck. The boys took about 3 hours to put it up. We highly recommend this gazebo.

Harry Hilley

Best gazebo I ever owned. Great quality and easy to assemble. Knowledgeable staff and very friendly. Received gazebo in a little over a week. Was better than I expected.

Rob Jones

Our desire to have a nice enclosed gazebo started with a hail storm last year in our city. Our hot tub sat on a deck with a nice metal framed gazebo with curtains. We had that for about three years before the hail storm destroyed the roof. Pretty sad to see hole the size of softballs in the side of our house and our gazebo wreckage.
So fast forward seven months the house is looking great and we decided to work with Westview to replace our gazebo. Our experience has been really enjoyable.
Starting with the first phone call to find out pricing and other questions to just find the right fit. When our gazebo arrived in one big box (how they do that?) it was easy to assemble. My wife and I did the wall’s the first day. The second day I hired a local handyman and he came out and we finished the roof and skylight.
I was very impressed with the engineering of this unit. Our Aspen fit together perfectly, if you have a flat surface like a deck or concrete it’s easy to do. We also added string lights, a bar, and a propane fire pit. Our hot tub gazebo is now our happy place!

Larry Baker

Living in New England we needed a true 4 season Gazebo, and Westview Manufacturing gave us that and much more. We purchased the 12×14 Colorado and assembled it ourselves. The instructions were clear and concise and the quality of the workmanship is top shelf. What is most important about Westview Manufacturing is their customer service and tech support. Its easy to make a sale but more difficult to be around when there is an issue not with this company, every issue got resolved and they were there thru the entire installation.
We both highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a high-end product at a very affordable price.

Testimonial J. McFadden - Spa Gazebo|Hot Tub Enclosure - Westview Manufacturing

Jenny McFadden
Long Island, NY

We are rather picky and your gazebo still exceeded our expectations! The gazebo is rock solid and the windows and doors are as good as the ones in my house. We did a lot of research on the internet before buying and your sales staff told us that the product was far superior to what we would find at Home Depot. He was absolutely right and not even close. Your gazebo is built as solid as a house. It is about 10 times better than the shacks you see at our local hot tub store. I highly recommend your

J. Ingram, New Jersey

James, thank you very much.

a Colorado hot tub enclosure

J. Tremblay
LA, California

Thanks, James for all your help before and after we installed our beautiful 14×14 gazebo. I had a lot of concerns and questions and you gave all the necessary info. My wife and I are really happy the way it turned out. It allowed us to put our own private gym together with spa, sauna and some exercise machines. I have a sound system in it with big screen TV and light system. We love watching Netflix while soaking in the tub. I spend a lot of time there to relax from my stressful job. The quality of the material is unbelievably good. The gray color matches our house really nicely. We upgraded our backyard over the last few years and with the gazebo having windows all around, I enjoy the beauty of it while working out. Thanks, Westview!

G. Johnson


We love our Denali Gazebo, after we ordered we were given a ship time, packing and shipping was done with great care, my husband and a friend put it together…we are enjoying it this summer.  Thank you.  G Johnson, Nebraska

Dana Janssen
Cleveland, OH

I don’t normally go out of my way to write a review about a company, however, this time I am going to make an exception. About two months ago we received my gazebo at the local terminal where we were supposed to pick it up. When we went to the terminal I noticed that the crate was labeled with a product size 10×10 but my husband picked it up anyway. When we got home he removed the contents from the crate and put them in the garage and destroyed the crate. About two weeks later we were going to assemble the gazebo and realized we had the wrong gazebo. I started to freak out not knowing what to do. I immediately called Westview and told them what we had done. I was thinking we were totally screwed because we destroyed the crate. Fortunately for me, we were dealing with a reliable company that is all about customer service. I cannot say enough about the customer service and support of this company Westview Manufacturing. It is easy to be friendly and courteous when things are all good but when something goes sideways like our case when we were so stupid to pick up the gazebo that was not the model we ordered and then we go ahead and destroy the crate! Wow, that is crazy. Anyway, Westview was kind enough to expedite the delivery of a replacement gazebo to us and had the other gazebo removed. Totally awesome service. Here are some photos of our gazebo. Thank for the great service. We love our Aspen 12×18.

Sylvain Lacroix
Plymouth, MN

I am really happy with the Solchalet 13×17 from Westview Manufacturing. It is exactly what I was looking for. The room lets a lot of light in which is great for me. The cedar wood is beautiful and I really like that every second window opens to allow cross breeze when it is hot out. I also upgraded to the screen kit which is essential for Minnesota. The craftsmanship is very good, for example, every screen is encased in its own cedar wood frame, and all the wood is dado to precision.

M. Zayatz
Thornton, CO

Greetings, I appreciate the reminder to send photos. We absolutely love our Gazebo. As you will see, it houses a new hot tub and adds so much to our back yard. All pieces and hardware arrived safely and the quality of the structure is second to none.

John Zellmer
Maple Grove, MN

Yes, we are loving the gazebo, very well built and easy to put together. Here are a few photos including one showing our 8-foot hot tub inside.

Brian and Toni Gray
Detroit Lakes, MN

Good morning! Attached are some photos of our beautiful new gazebo! We have been enjoying using it so much. Also, we are very impressed with the quality and the amazing customer service your company has provided us. We have passed positive comments on to many friends, family, and neighbors! Thank you so very much! Brian & Toni Gray

Carole Kassan
Cherry Hill, New Jersey

We love our new Aspen gazebo.
We assembled this as a family and now enjoy the beauty and the worth of this sturdy and well manufactured 4 season room.

gazebo in winter

Patrick Stewart

Our Westview Gazebo far exceeded our expectations in regard to the quality of fit and finish and the attention to detail. The doors are made of heavy duty aluminum and tempered glass. The Ultrawood looks great similar to natural wood. Goes great with the Trex composite deck that we build last summer. We ordered our gazebo online and picked it up at the local terminal which was a snap as they loaded the crated gazebo onto our trailer in about 5 minutes. Installation took about 7 hours for the two of us. I want to give a shout out to James at Westview for his insightful tips. Thank you and I will recommend your products to our friends.

Cindy Huntley
Tacoma, WA

Thank you James. We are loving our gazebo which we have named “the lounge 🙂

Tina Potts

James, attached are two photos of the gazebo.  I have been enjoying it very much!  Do these photos work?  I can get more possibly tomorrow or in a day or two.  It ready looks great in my back yard!  Thanks!

Joseph Klees

We really are enjoying Our Westview Gazebo, Have had a lot of positive comments about it.

M. Ralph

The gazebo is up and looking good!Here are a few pics for your use.

Marc G.
NL, Canada

Hey there, We are absolutely loving the gazebo!  It worked out perfectly and we use it every day.   We’re thankful we have it because the weather has been awful so far this winter with snow, rain and wind which has made it hard to get some good pictures of it.  I’ll see what I can get this week, but here are a couple in the night time.  I’m guessing something in the daylight is preferable?  I’ll try and grab some nicer looking pictures in the daylight this week, if that’s fine.  Thanks again for everything!

Ernest Runco

Great company, great product and great people to work with. Extremely knowledgeable and helpful employees. This is the second gazebo we have purchased from them and are even more pleased than the first time around. Our first gazebo was purchased back in 2003 in NY and travelled cross country with us when we moved to Colorado in 2004, and was still standing up until we sold our house this past January of 2019. The crazy part is we were able to sell it for half of what we paid for it back in 2003 in March before we moved out of our previous home because it was in such great shape. It was made of cedar and was due for another staining so we decided to purchase a composite material Ultrawood with specks of Gray Driftwood 12′ X 12′ Gazebo this time around for our new home. I picked it up at a local freight company myself and installed it over 2 days on the weekend in my backyard with the help of my wife. Real easy to install and a great clean look to compliment our house. We couldn’t be happier. Now to get the electric run to the hot tub so we can start using it. By the way, our previous hot tub lasted as long as our gazebo because it was protected from the elements and our new hot tub should hopefully last just as long in our new gazebo. A special Thanks to James and Andrew for all their help.

Bill & Suzi Nurse

We love our gazebo….It’s even better than what we had expected. Kindest Regards,  Bill & Suzi Nurse

Stephen Potter
Fletcher, Oklahoma

We love our new spa and beautiful Solarus Gazebo surrounding it. We have enough room at one end for a couple of chairs, table and small fridge for adult beverages. My stepson Bobby and his wife Paula were the first to enjoy it. As you can tell they were pleased. Steve P.

Alex S.

The gazebo is GREAT! Attached are a few photos of the build (they are numbered in sequence). I did the entire project myself. Note the deck per se and landscaping I also built, but that’s another story.
Overall I am 110% satisfied. The customer service was great, delivery was painless (it just showed up one day), no damage, and the quality of the gazebo is top notch. I’m in there every day. Its furnished now and I can take a few shots from the inside and send those. Let me know if you want them.