Ensure Your Privacy in Your Spa Gazebo

If you have a hot tub enclosure that you want to turn into a spa gazebo, you might ask yourself: what’s the most difficult part in ensuring a five-star spa-like experience? Is it the soothing scents in those luxury establishments? There are scented candles and aromatic oils for that. Maybe it’s the fact that you can’t afford to pay a masseur to stay in your home and massage you anytime you want? A massage chair is a good alternative. In actuality, arguably the most challenging part about transforming your enclosure into a spa gazebo is maintaining your privacy.

If neighbors or passers-by see you have a spa gazebo in the backyard, they’re more than likely to grow curious as to what goes on in there. This, oftentimes, lead to invasion of privacies that can create rifts between friends and other people who live close to your area. In order to avoid this situation. ensure your privacy in your spa gazebo by following these few tips.


Install it Close to the House

Houses are usually situated a bit far from the edges of the lot. There are considerable spaces between the fences or walls that divide the lands between homeowners to ensure privacy in their homes. If you also want to ensure privacy in your spa gazebo, set it close to your house. This makes a lot of sense as in many ways, the enclosure is an extension of your home. In fact, you can even put up a door from the main house to the spa gazebo for easier access. This also makes the structure less vulnerable to snooping neighbors.


Position Far from the Edges

What if you don’t want to set it close to your house so that you can still use it in private apart from other family members? Just make sure that wherever you have it put up, it’s far from your neighbors. A good position would be the exact center of the backyard, as it makes for an eye-pleasing feature and it’s not too close to any neighbor’s fences. Even if they’re already poking their heads out through the barriers, they’ll still have a difficult time spying on you when you’re inside.


Put it Near Trees

Another good idea is to set your spa gazebo near a big tree so that there’s actually a blockage from the neighbors’ point of view. If your backyard boasts a forest of tall trees, put them to good use by having them block the view of your enclosure. You can position bushy branches to further cover the roof and the ceiling while planting more leafy plants will further hide the spa gazebo altogether. At least, in this way, you have less worry of peeping toms destroying your quiet home spa experience.


Fill it with Plants

If your backyard doesn’t have any tall trees at all, then the plant blockage can come from the inside. Plants are great design features for any part of the home. They’re not only beautiful and bright, but they emanate relaxing scents and helps keep the air fresh and clean. Another bonus is that whichever room you fill it up with, people from the outside will have a more difficult time trying to spy on what’s going on. By filling up your spa gazebo with plants, you get to safeguard your own business while others will be forced to mind theirs.


Fewer Glass Panels

Oftentimes, privacy can be ensured just by the structure itself. Although glass-paneled enclosures and gazebos are common and popular, they’re more prone to keeping your home spa and you yourselves vulnerable to wandering eyes and alert ears. It’ll be easier for other people to spy on you in your spa gazebo if it has a lot of glass panels. If you want to ensure your privacy in it, have it built in wood and fewer glass panels. They’ll keep you safe and secure and they evoke a nice rustic and outdoorsy look to your home as well.


Install Shutters

If having fewer glass panels isn’t enough to ensure privacy, installing shutters will do the trick. Whether they’re installed within the structure itself or shutters you bought from the store and hang on the windows, once you close them from the inside, you” have as much privacy as you want. This is one of the benefits of having a wooden enclosure in for your spa gazebo. When you want some air and a breeze to enter your home spa, you can simply flip the shutters open. And when you want some privacy, they can be closed in a snap.


Put Up some Curtains

There are some ways in which you can ensure your privacy while beautifying your spa gazebo at the same time. One of them is putting up some nice curtains. If your enclosure is of the glass kind, putting up some nice curtains, preferably in neutral tones, will give you privacy and a luxurious-looking home spa. Just keep the colors light and neutral so that they won’t totally block off the sunlight during the mornings and afternoons.


Less Light during Evenings

Sometimes, snooping neighbors spy on you during the evening when you think they’re already fast asleep. In these cases, the best way to block them off is to have less light inside. Make it seem like there’s few people or even no one in your home spa during the night so as to avoid attracting peeping toms. A few candles or a lamp will do to get the right amount of light. Moody and somber lighting are better for home spas anyways, so this is also a win-win situation.


Put in a Locked Door

People who usually spy on you are often thieves waiting for you leave your home in order to steal your belongings. And since you can install many luxurious items inside your home spa, they’ll be most vulnerable to robbers. Whether your spending time in it or not, installing a lock will keep out any unwanted visitors. This is often forgotten amongst enclosure-owners as many of theirs are usually open and free. Don’t make this mistake if you want your home spa to look exactly as it did when you last left it.


Make it Soundproof

Even being listened to is an invasion of privacy, so why not make your spa gazebo soundproof? You can install acoustic panels inside the walls of the enclosure so that anything said in the structure has no chances being heard by outsiders. And although these panels aren’t the most beautiful features to incorporate, at least your privacy is ensured!

Enjoy a relaxing private spa session in your home gazebo by following these tips and tricks. The experience will be much better when you do!


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