Frequently Asked Questions

What are your gazebos made of?

We have gazebos made of Ultrawood and gazebos made of Cedar wood. Our Ultrawood gazebos come in many different collections: Aspen, Brentwood, Colorado, Denali, Studio, and Zento. Our cedar wood gazebos come in two different collections: Solarus and Solchalet.

What is Ultrawood?

Ultrawood is a composite material that looks like wood but is synthetic and is far more durable than any type of wood and lasts about 3 times longer than cedar or redwood. Ultrawood has been temperature tested and is excellent in very cold and very hot climates.

What are the primary differences between your different Ultrawood gazebo collections?

All our Ultrawood gazebos with the exception of the Zento model are fully enclosed.   The Aspen and Colorado gazebo lines are traditional in design and have rounded corners and a 4 feet to 3 feet window to skirt ratio.  The Aspen and Colorado differ in color from one another.   The Brentwood and Denali gazebo lines have a more modern design with square corners and a larger 5 feet to 2 feet window to skirt ratio.   The larger Brentwood and Denali gazebos have a secondary sliding door entrance providing easier accessibility and provides flexibility on where the users wants to place the two entrances.

What are the primary differences between your different Cedar gazebo collections?

Our Solarus and Solchalet gazebos are both made of Grade A Kiln Dried Wester Red Cedar and also feature a Lexan Thermoclear roof that permits maximum natural light to enter the gazebo.   The main difference is that the Solarus gazebos have a traditional hip style roof compared to the Solchalet gazebos that have a gable style roof.

What kind of maintenance do your gazebos require?

Our Ultrawood gazebos do not require any re-staining or painting. Our Cedar wood gazebos should be re-stained every few years to maintain its appearance.

Why do you still offer gazebos made of wood if you recommend the Ultrawood so much?

We offer wide variety of gazebos made of both Ultrawood and Cedar wood. Ultrawood is more durable and slightly more expensive. Cedar is natural wood and is still very popular for many clients. We want to offer a wide variety of gazebo designs and options for our clients to choose from.

Are your composite gazebos roof strong?

Yes, our composite gazebos roofs are very strong and can hold a snow load because the rafters are made of real treated wood and we also have optional metal roof brackets for reinforcement.

Do you recommend Aluminium windows and doors?

Aluminium framed doors and windows are more reliable than standard wood frame doors and windows especially when there is temperature change. Wooden framed doors and windows are more traditional but may warp or twist over time unless the wood is properly kiln dried and treated.

Why do very few other manufacturers use aluminum doors and windows?

Aluminum is more expensive than wood, therefore, most manufacturers try to cut costs. If you notice most modern day exterior windows and doors frames in homes and businesses are not made of wood.

What type of foundation is required for the gazebo?

You need to install the gazebo on a hard even surface. Most clients install the gazebo on a wood deck, cement pad, or on patio stones. The key factor is the surface should be level. The entire cement pad or deck can be tilted several degrees for drainage as long as the tilt is in one plane.

What size of foundation is required?

The foundation should be at minimum, slightly larger than the outside dimensions of the gazebo. All gazebo dimensions are listed on our website. Keep in mind there is a 5 to 10 inch roof overhand depending on the gazebo model so you will need some space around your foundation.

Can the gazebo be attached to the foundation?

Yes, the gazebo can be attached to the wood deck or cement pad using screws, anchor bolts or angle metal braces after the gazebo is assembled. You can also simply use L shaped brackets commonly found at Home Depot to attach the support studs of the gazebo to the wood deck or cement pad.

How long does it take from the time of order to the time we receive the gazebo?

Overstock gazebos can be shipped soon after order depending on where you live in the USA or Canada will effect delivery times. Typically about 1 to 4 weeks from the date of order to the date of receipt. Pre-Order gazebos are those that are added to the next production run and can range from 4 weeks to 12 weeks from the date of order to the date of receipt depending on the time of the production run and the ultimate delivery location (a more specific time of completion can be provided at the time the order is placed).

Do you deliver to anywhere in the USA and Canada?

Yes. We can deliver to most locations in the continental USA and Canada.

Shipping to Local Terminal. What does that mean?

Westview Manufacturing has local affiliated freight terminals (YRC and Old Dominion) in every state in the USA, and in every Province in Canada, usually within a 30-minute drive from most clients homes where you can pick up your gazebo order. If you require curbside delivery to your home, we may be able to arrange this, please call us at 1-800-895-1972 and speak to a live agent to ask if curbside delivery is available and for the exact quotation based on your address.