The Best Scents for Spa-like Hot Tub Enclosure

A hot-tub enclosure is a luxury perfect for any home. When you go home after a long day at work, a dip inside the jacuzzi hits the spot right away. Imagine relaxing and leaving your troubles behind as warm water and bubbles tantalized your entire body. This can even be the perfect spot to relax with your partner or with the entire family. And for those wintry cold nights, a hot dip will thaw all your stress away in no time. Hot-tub enclosures are now becoming more and more common among homeowners, for them, it’s their little spa that’s affordable, peaceful and all their own.

If you want the full five-star experience for your own enclosure at your backyard, you need to incorporate some soothing scents. Whether on their own or mixed together for a more melodious smell, these scents will help you relax more in your hot-tub enclosure. Here are the best scents for a spa-like hot-tub enclosure.


If you transformed your hot-tub enclosure into a bachelor pad/man-cave, then Bergamot is the perfect scent for you. Among all of the scents in this list, this is one of the more, if not the most, masculine. It’s even referred to as the “bitter orange” because of its hard yet citrusy smell. The scent, having originated in Italy, is comes from its namesake fruit that’s used in many dishes to give them a certain kick that’s hard but still healthy.


Some scents are not only relaxing, but they’re perfectly sweet as well. Cinnamon is one such smell, which can come from oils, candles, and even air sprays. You can taste the sweet and subtle spice as its smell lingers on inside your hot-tub enclosure.  The scent is also so relaxing that it’s said that ancient civilizations held it as valuable as gold itself. The only downside to it is that you might grow hunger after smelling for an hour or so.


Relaxing not only soothes your body physically, but also mentally. There are certain scents in nature that are actually used as anti-depressants, one of which is Jasmine. This floral scent, coming from flowers that are abundant in South Asia and Southeast Asia, is said to uplift people from their troubles and make them happier and more confident. This makes it a perfect match for the hot-tub enclosure, as the space is often one where people hang out and let their troubles out to their friends and family while enjoying a nice dip in the hot tub.


Lavender is a popular choice for spas and resorts because it’s known to de-stress people who smell it. That’s why there’s a whole lot of candles, oils, and other aromatherapy materials in the famous scent. For your hot-tub enclosure, these same candles will work wonders to uplift the smell in the backyard space. One thing you can do is to incorporate the lavender flowers all over the enclosure, so that they’ll be as pleasing to the eyes as well as to the nose.


Citrus fruits are valued for their smell as well as their taste. Lemons, in particular, are beloved for their zesty scents that are medically-proven to have soothing and calming effects onto whoever smells them. Out of all the scents in this list, lemon is probably the most popular and the easiest to incorporate in your hot-tub enclosure since it comes in a lot of mediums. You can light candles, incorporate some lemony oils, or even just spray some lemon-flavored air-fresheners in your space.


Mandarin doesn’t necessarily come from any specific fruit, but rather a mixture of them. It’s of a citrusy kind, with orange, lemon, and lime properties that will not only help you relax but also feel energized. It’s become common that people who light up mandarin candles in order to relax end up feeling happier, more refreshed, and full of life. For this reason alone, you should buy some such candles for your hot-tub enclosure. This makes your enclosure the perfect energizer to start or end the day right.


For the holidays, when you want to feel energized for all the festivities and family reunions, incorporate a peppermint scent into your hot-tub enclosure. Since peppermint is already a popular Christmas mainstay, it won’t be difficult finding a candle, oil, or any other item that can fill your space with the smell. Similarly to Mandarin, peppermint also has energy-boosting properties, but more for the mind than the body. It’s said that the scent helps people calm their minds, organize their thoughts, and think more clearly.


Since the hot-tub enclosure is already in the backyard, where you’re more exposed to nature, why not incorporate a more woodsy and natural scent into it, such as pine. The reason why pine trees smell so sweet to humans is that the scent has stress-alleviating properties. Just one whiff and you’ll be less tensed then you were before. And for another design feature, the scent can come from a series of pinecones to place in the enclosure. Not only will it smell good, but the whole structure will also look even better as well.


Rosemary is often a garnish or an ingredient used in the finest of culinary arts. But it’s scent, as many people might realize, can also induce some much-needed relaxation. In fact, the plant and its scent are often used to cure people of headaches and fatigues, as well as improve their memory skills if needed. If you’re looking for another use of your chopped-up rosemary after cooking, you might want to turn them into an oil and have your hot-tub enclosure full of its smell.


Vanilla is more than just the classic ice cream flavor. Its smell, just like its taste, gets you feeling joy and happiness. Why do you think vanilla ice cream is a favorite among kids and seniors? For your hot-tub enclosure, vanilla candles make for some of the best smells to procure. They’re easy on the nose, as the scent is not as strong as others are in this list. Possibly, vanilla’s only downfall is that you’ll end up feeling hungry as well, just like Cinnamon scents.

Scents can transform any old structure into five-star luxury spa, even your hot-tub enclosure. Try some for your own in your backyard to really relax, refresh, and rejuvenate your mind and body!

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