Common Dangers You Can Avoid Around The Hot Tub Area!

Having an outdoor hot tub is a desire of many people. Besides adding real value to the home or apartment, an outdoor hot tub adds well-being and quality of life to its users. In the summer or winter, it is essential to have spaces and structures that guarantee leisure and relaxation moments. The installation of an outdoor hot tub is also a more viable alternative than building a pool and requires a smaller area. Still, both can live together entirely since one of the bath’s function is to provide moments of relaxation and massage.

There are hot tubs in many sizes, from small units to larger ones designed to accommodate a dozen people. In addition to containing hot water, they project massaging water jets. Used to relax, get a massage, socialize and use as hydrotherapy on aching muscles and joints, they are most commonly installed outside, and the danger lies in not providing hot tub shelters for it. With different features between the gazebos for sale in the market, it will preserve your investment, making your life safer and add style to your hot tub area.

So, if you’re taking care of a knee problem or have a headache after a stressful day at work, getting into a hot tub at the end of the day can be a dream come true. In order not to turn this dream into a nightmare, be aware of the potential risks of using an outside hot tub, and be sure to avoid them.


1 – FALLS – One of the risks posed to the people who use them is its sides, which can be very smooth and easy to slip. The dew will turn the hot tub surface wet during the night, even when it is covered. If you fall into the hot tub instead of on the floor outside, you are at risk of drowning. If the fall happens outside because of a slippy floor can be harmful as well. The solution? Get a spa cover for your tub. The 12 x 14 gazebos are very popular and can be customized to fit any backyard.

One of the Westview Gazebos that will definitely protect you from this first risk is the Aspen Gazebo.
The most popular 12×14 gazebo we have is the Aspen Collection — an earth tone themed with terracotta walls to accentuate your rustic backyard interior and give off a warm, sentimental vibe. This Westcoast design for hot tub shelters features optional double sliding doors or double French doors placed on any side of the gazebo to have your peace and quiet time while enjoying the view outside. An enclosed swim spa gazebo with windows that are not too revealing; will match your brown pots and tan deck also!

Features that we love: Uses Ultrawood, duraflex PC skylight roofing, six sliding tempered glass door windows, optional privacy screens, and will avoid any slips and falls protecting you or loved ones around the hot tub.


2 – ELECTROCUTION – The electrical part of the hot tub comfort is a point of attention, mainly because it is a humid environment. From dryers, flat irons, and different appliances that can make your hot tub area more convenient, the combination of electricity with water is a fertile ground for accidents with profound consequences. Use a mini-fridge that is uncovered outside as a support for your drink; for example, while you are barefoot, ready to get in the hot tub, is not a good idea. If a wire gets exposed for any motive or a storm happened in the night before, it can make the wet floor around your hot tub a dangerous conductor of electricity. Are you using your hot tube during storms or heavy rains? Don’t even think about it! Our suggestion is to get a Studio 31 Gazebo swim spa cover.

Studio 31 is a multi-purpose Backyard Studio that is maintenance-free, made of Ultrawood, which looks and feels like wood but is made of durable eco-friendly synthetic composite material. Studio 31 has an aluminum frame tempered glass door and sliding windows to ensure an easy opening and closing. It also has a privacy wall, totally made of Ultrawood that can be placed either at the back or on the studio’s sides.
Save money in appliances maintenance and use your hot tub any time installing a Backyard gazebo.


In homes with children, the care around hot tubs needs to be more critical. Open hot tubs accessible to children can cause accidents as bad as with big pools. An adult should always be around supervising kids when close to a hot tub. The little ones can climb on it to play, and depending on the age and swim habilities, this act can be fatal.
When you have in place a gazebo with closed doors, this danger can be one hundred percent removed.

Westview has the Denali Gazebo that is a modern and multi-functional spa gazebo or outdoor building with an aluminum frame and tempered glass to solve the kiddos access problem. With oversized sliding windows to let a lot of light in and provide excellent views, this gazebo is made of Ultrawood, which looks and feels like wood but is made of a high-quality synthetic and durable composite material. This swim spa gazebo is maintenance-free, environmentally friendly, and its double French doors will make it accessible just when you need to. Available in different sizes, can be the chance you were waiting to make your hot tub area more charming.


Your hot tub is perfectly installed; the area around is beautifully decorated with your style, everything ready to receive a group of friends, but all your neighbours will be participating in your get together without a formal invitation. Yes, this happens, without considering the lack of security of any loved one, using the hot tub alone at night. Privacy and safety can be an essential concern these days. If you want more privacy, add a swim spa cover like a Zento Gazebo.

The Zento is a synthetic wood gazebo for sale, designed to protect you and your spa from the weather elements while maintaining an open feeling and offering the security you need. This swim spa cover includes two louvre side windows for added privacy and a great skylight to appreciate the stars. Included with the gazebo comes a bar with four swivel stools to complete the convenience. The interior wall to wall dimensions is 108 5/8″ x 108 5/8″, the exterior wall to wall is 114 1/4″ x 114 1/4″, and in the roof, the dimensions are 133 7/8″ x 133 7/8″. Secure, practical, durable, and private, with the Zento gazebo, your weekends with friends never will be the same.

A hot tub is a healthy go-to option lately since it has low maintenance and can be daily used for deep relaxation. As a particular SPA, an excellent addition to the back yard or a place to get massaged under the stars, be sure to observe these tips when installing a hot tub outside the house. A gazebo is a necessary complement to avoid all the possible frustrations and dangers to own an outside hot tub, assuring that your dream space will be perfect all the way.