Cedar Gazebo Features

The Solchalet Collection of spa enclosures and hot tub gazebos include a variety of features. Some of the features of these Cedar wood hot tub enclosures are standard and included in the price of the hot tub enclosure such as high light transmission roofs, anti-drip/anti-fog coating, weather resistant and virtually unbreakable Lexan. Other features such as window alterations, privacy screens, and your choice of the number of entrances improves your ability to customize your hot tub gazebo to suit your personal needs at an affordable price.

High Light Transmission Roof


The Roofs of Solchalet cedar gazebos are primarily made of a multiwall polycarbonate sheet that offers a high degree of light transmittance while blocking harmful ultraviolet rays.

swimming pool inside a gazebo enclosure

Anti-Drip/Anti-Fog Coating Panels


The unbreakable Lexan multiwall polycarbonate sheet has a high tech coating that ensures condensation is carried away from roofing and that there will be minimum or no water droplets. Lexan Thermoclear is commonly used on pool enclosure roofs worldwide.

gazebo lexan material

Virtually Unbreakable Lexan


The multiwall polycarbonate sheet is known as virtually unbreakable Lexan that is light in weight, has great thermal insulation properties, and is 10 times stronger than acrylic and 200 times stronger than glass.

dome structure

Weather Resistant material


Lexan Thermoclear has outstanding impact performance over a wide temperature range from -40 C to +120 C and after prolonged outdoor exposure. Lexan Thermoclear sheets have been subject to extreme weather including storms, hail-stones, wind, snow, and ice formation. Under these conditions the product is virtually unbreakable and is used in many applications including the roofing material on soccer stadiums in Europe.