Installation Hot Tub Enclosure – Aspen 14×14

a gazebo crate unpacking

1. Unpack the crate.

hot tub enclosure wall assembly

2. Start at one corner and attach extension panels to each side of the corner.

hot tub enclosure wall assembly

3. Build the back side of the gazebo by adding a skirt panel, window wall, and one more extension panel.

hot tub enclosure window assembly

4. Follow the same procedure to build the next entire side of the gazebo.

hot tub enclosure wall assembly

5. Follow the procedure above to build the third side of the gazebo.

hot tub enclosure door installation

6. Install the entrance section to the front side of the gazebo.

Aspen gazebo with only walls installed

7. All four sides of the gazebo should be installed now.

a gazebo roof structure assembly

8. Lay the dome box upside down on the ground and attach the corner rafters.

Aspen gazebo roof assembly

9. Flip the dome box with four attached rafters onto the body of the gazebo

hot tub enclosure roof assembly

10. Install all side rafters

hot tub enclosure roof bare structure

11. Install all purlins.

installation of an Aspen hot tub enclosure

12. Finish by attaching all roof panels and place dome on top and you’re done.