Installation Denali 16×28 – Hot Tub Enclosure

1. Start with a flat level surface.

2. Put one corner up.

3. Build one short side by adding extension panels, window wall and so on.

4. Continue along and build a long side of the building by erecting doors, walls, etc.

5. Complete erecting the perimeter walls of the building and then measure to confirm the structure is square.

6. Attach the header around the perimeter of the top of the walls to form the base of the roof frame.

7. Attach the corner rafters to the lower roof box.

8. Attach all corner rafters and side rafters to form the lower roof frame.

9. Install all purlins of the lower roof frame.

10. Install the upper roof frame.

11. Install roof panels starting with the top roof section.

12. Install the remaining roof panels and enjoy your completed gazebo.