What to Make Of Your Own Home Spa Gazebo

A home gazebo is becoming a favorite feature among several homeowners. This small but compact structure has a lot of uses, from extra storage space, living extensions, to shelter from harsh weather conditions. Another popular method of these backyard gazebos is installing your very own personal spa. Home gazebos are the best-enclosed spaces to transform into luxury five-star-like spas. They’re big enough for a variety of amenities but intimate enough to encourage relaxation. As these home structures become more common, so do the number of homeowners who’ve installed their spas at their backyards.

The question that remains is, out of all the amenities featured in a luxury spa, which are the ones perfect for your home gazebo? There are so many to choose from, each with a unique and unique way of helping you find peace and relaxation. To help you out, here are some of the best amenities to transform your home spa gazebo into.


Hot Tub Enclosure

A jacuzzi is always a highlight in any spa. This small and intimate pool of bubbling warm water did wonders for the mind and body to be at peace and relieved off of tensions. Hot tubs are so popular among many spa-goers that they’ve installed their hot tub enclosures inside their gazebos. Out of all the amenities that a homeowner can fit within their backyard structures, hot tub enclosures are arguably the number one choice. They’re manageable, easy to control, and no one can resist a good dip in a jacuzzi after a busy day at work.


Home Sauna

Another favorite spa amenity is a sauna. Under each spa roof is this room full of steam and heat that rejuvenates the body and is a perfect place to meditate. For your home gazebo, some steaming hot water and molting rocks are enough to transform it into your sauna. These compact structures are perfect for it, no matter how big or small they are. Similarly to hot tub enclosures, home saunas are also easy to control, especially if your gazebo is of considerable size and width.


Massage Room

Despite some amenities luxury spas offer, more often than not, people go to these establishments to get a good massage. Having people press and stretch the tensions and aches away from your body is a treat many would pay thousands of bucks for. Fortunately, your home gazebo can be turned into a massage room in a snap. Put in some scented candles, comfortable massage beds, and play soothing music and voila, you have your spa-like massage room. Or if you want a more straightforward and cheaper alternative, exchange the beds to massage chairs and you’re good to go.


Mud Bath Space

One unique feature people often forget in luxury spas is a good mud bath. Warm mud baths help ease any pains in your body, as well as substantially moisturize it to avoid excessive dryness. There are multiple kinds of it as well, from directly rubbing the mud onto your skin to completely submerging yourself in a tub full of it. Both variations can also be easily installed under your spa roof in the home gazebo. But whether you choose the mud lotion or mud-filled bathtub, it’s important to note that this sort of relaxation isn’t just mud alone. When you want to take a mud bath, mix in some oils, green tea, and other relaxing nutrients to get the full experience.


Waxing Area

Some spas offer wax services as well. Although this isn’t the most relaxing among their multiple functions, they keep your body smooth and fresh. At your own home, your backyard gazebo is one of many perfect places to install a waxing salon. You can incorporate a bed, a good lamp to help you see your body better, wax, soothing skin cream for after the sessions, and a few scented candles to make the space much more relaxing. Although you can just as easily wax inside your own home, doing it in a home gazebo gives you much more leg room than inside your bedroom or bathroom.


Yoga Room

Ever wanted to do yoga but your bedroom or living room doesn’t have enough space? Then turn your home gazebo into a yoga room. In this compact structure, you’ll have all the area you want, fresh air if it’s not enclosed, and some peace. This shaded space is great for doing what is arguably the most relaxing exercise away from other family members that may disturb the peace. You’ll only need a yoga mat, a clean floor, and if you’re feeling luxurious, some scented candles to get your yoga on.


Mini Gym

More than offer relaxing services, spas are also good places to get fit and healthy. A lot of these five-star establishments have their gyms, ones that you can easily replicate in your backyard gazebo. Under your very own spa roof, installing some gym equipment can transform it into a nice makeshift mini gym. You can even put multiple pieces of stuff inside it, such as your ordinary treadmills, exercise mats, stair-steppers, medicine balls, and some weights for those who want to build up their bodies.


Home Theater

Although not as popular as other amenities in this list, home theaters can be found in some luxury spas. Watching a good movie is a great way to relax in of itself, and this is something you can easily incorporate in your home spa. Inside your home gazebo, preferably enclosed, you can put up a big-screen TV or a projector and screen to play your favorite movies on. Install some curtains to block off the sunlight if you want to watch during the day. And the chairs of choice? Why not bean bag chairs or massage chairs to induce some much-needed relaxation?


Music Room

Music rooms are not that common among spas, but they should be. They’re arguably more relaxing to spend time in than in home theaters, but both still help you calm down, escape your worries, and relax. Under any spa roof, music rooms can be welcome amenities. They’re also easy to install in your home gazebo. Just put up a surround sound system to turn off the rest of the world as you listen to your music. Similarly to home theaters, this particular amenity is more suited for enclosed structures than the open air variety.


Guest Bedroom

The most common way people relax is to sleep. Sleeping helps refresh your mind and rejuvenate your body into feeling brand new. This is why several spas feature their own spaces where clients can doze off without being disturbed. At your own home, a home gazebo-turned-guest bedroom is your best bet to encourage the same type of relaxation. It’s substantially away from the main house, which gives you and any other guest sleeping in it more quiet. A simple bed, a wardrobe, and a lamp are enough to turn the gazebo into a lovely guest bedroom.

Turning your home spa gazebo can be exciting but also confusing as you don’t know what to turn your backyard structure into. Any of these amenities listed above is enough to ensure a five-star luxury experience. Soon, you might even find that your backyard gazebo has become your favorite place in your home.

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