Romantic Date Ideas Inside your Spa Enclosure

Dating has become quite expensive in recent years. Now more than ever, you really have to do your best to impress, whether that’s taking a trip to an exotic land or buying big bouquets of flowers or huge boxes of chocolates. Because of social media, where many people flaunt their dating capabilities, expectations are set incredibly high and many people are pressured to up the ante when dating. Still, there’s no replacing spending time together, and essentially, that’s all that should matter. This is why, more often than not, spending a quiet night at home is better than any flashy date.

If you have a hot tub or spa enclosure in your home, this can add to the many ways you can impress your date without putting in that much money and effort. It’s an added space that’s private and peaceful where both of you can simply relax and have fun. And for a better date, here some romantic suggestions on what to do in your spa enclosure.


Afternoon Hangout

Nothing beats a chill afternoon at home, with nothing to do by lie next to each other and simply talk. This is one you can do with your partner as a date in your spa enclosure. Just sitting on the chairs or cushions there, sharing your life experience and/or troubles, and relieving yourself of your tensions will help you grow closer to each other. And best of all, you won’t have to pay a single cent, making this date activity a win-win situation.


A Classic Night Dip

If your date is at night, you can swap that quiet afternoon for a classic dip in the hot tub. Feel the warm and bubbling water take you and your partner’s troubles away and just chat all night. If the day’s been long and you need a good pick me up, this sort of date is for you. The water pressure might even make you feel a bit friskier, and if your enclosure is private enough, then maybe this date can turn into a more romantic night.


Candle-lit Dinner

A candle-lit dinner is a classic date night activity that never fails. But why not make it even better by serving the meal in your hot tub? Cook up your partner’s favorite cuisine, light a few scented candles for that spa-like atmosphere, and eat away. This makes the common and popular dating experience that much more memorable, as well as relaxing and fun. Just make sure that the food can easily be eaten, so it may be best not to include the likes of soups and steaks on the menu.


Wine and Cheese

What about if you’re both not that hungry? Some wine and cheese can be the way to go. Picture it: you and your partner relaxing in your hot tub as you bite into exotic cheese and deliciously rich wine. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? This activity requires less work in terms of serving your date, as well as fewer chances of creating a mess inside your enclosure. Just two glasses of wine, maybe some imported cheese, and good conversation are enough to constitute a romantic date.


Jacuzzi Pool Games

Sometimes, the best types of dates are when you’re having fun. If your partner has a competitive spirit, challenge him/her into playing some jacuzzi pool games. These include some water gun fights, sink the battleship, beer pong, and many more that your mind might think of. A lot of these games are just common pool and bar games that can still be played by two people in a hot tub. The possibilities here are endless and although you’re competing against each other, you might find that you’ll appreciate your partner more at the end of the date.


Board Game Night

For a more peaceful game date night, go for some board games instead. They can range from the more classic such as chess and checkers to popular ones like Monopoly and Scrabble. These games require skill and mind, so you’ll get to know how your partner thinks and strategize better after playing them. Additionally, these peaceful activities still allow you to continue chatting and getting to know each other better, albeit in a competitive environment. Just make sure that at the end of the night, there are no sore losers or boastful winners.


Couple’s Massage

A couple’s massage is one of the best date night activities a couple can do, and since you have your own mini spa at home, this will be easy peasy. impress your partner by massaging him/her yourself after a night out, making a more relaxing and more intimate date night activity. If your wallet can handle it, you can also hire a masseur to massage both of you for the night. And if that won’t work, then a session on the massage chairs is the way to go.


Movie Night

Ever hear of “Netflix and Chill,” you can now do both inside your spa enclosure. Whether you installed an entire entertainment system inside the structure or just watch from your laptop, a movie date night is better when you’re both relaxing inside a hot tub. At least when inside the spa enclosure, you get to control the temperature of the room and the jacuzzi, how loud the movie is, as well as what movie to watch. You can also bring in some popcorn and candy for the full cinematic experience. Just make sure that the electronics involved in this date won’t get wet and you’re good to go.

Don’t take your backyard spa enclosure for granted. It can host a lot of activities that will do wonders for your social life, especially dating. You might not know it now, but these home features are actually the best spaces for a date, whether it’s game night, “Netflix and Chill,” or a night of wine and cheese. As long as you and your partner get to relax and know each other better, there’ no reason as to why you should hold a date in your mini spa.

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