Learning about Spa Enclosures from Celebrities

Although spa enclosures aren’t as luxurious as many people think them to be, it’s easy to have such a notion. Think about it, you practically have your own five-star establishment in your own backyard. And while your neighbors have their gardens, maybe a pool, or possibly a makeshift playground for the kids, you have another structure—essentially a second house at the back. For people who might get to see it from afar, they’ll think you one of the richest people in the neighborhood. And maybe, there’s nothing wrong with that. Spa enclosures are there to make you feel more comfortable in your own home, and if it makes you look like you’re rich, so what?

However, there is a difference between looking rich and looking gaudy. You wouldn’t want your neighbors to refer to you as a nouveau-riche wannabe, do you? Of course, not! So how do you avoid this? It’s all about how you present your enclosure, and if there are people who know how to make anything look first-class, it’s celebrities, Here are common ideas and tips famous people do with their own spa enclosures.

Keep it Simple

First thing’s first, keep everything simple! The way to make your spa enclosure look as sophisticated as possible is to know that simplicity is the key. You don’t need so many decorative features to incorporate in both the inside and outside of the structure. People already think having a spa enclosure is exuberant, what more when you all sorts of knick-knacks and what not around it? When it comes to decorating your spa enclosure, keep the colors neutral, the decorations light, and everything spacious. A spacious spa enclosure makes it more inviting for people to come in and check the structure out. And when they do, they’ll think of it as less of a luxury and more as a nice and amiable home feature.

Proportion is Everything

When it comes to spa enclosures, proportions are everything. If you’ve ever seen celebrity homes on TV or in the magazines, you’ll see that their own backyard structures are often well-proportioned with their backyard. Anything bigger will look too ostentatious, while anything smaller will look more like a shed than an actual spa enclosure. When you’re in the process of building or having one built in your backyard, the first thing you should always do is to measure your yard and make the right dimensions to have a proportionate structure. Not only will this leave enough space for people to spend time in the backyard, but it will also give you ample leg room in the enclosure!

Make Space

And in this regard, it’s time to turn to space. The same way your spa enclosure has to be proportionate to your backyard, your hot-tub or other amenities in your spa enclosure has to be proportionate to your structure as well. The bigger your jacuzzi pool is, the fewer people will be willing to spend time in your enclosure. And while a larger hot-tub has plenty of room, it sends an awkward message to your visitor and will have them feeling rather uncomfortable throughout their visit there. In celebrities bathrooms, their bathtubs are usually more or less proportionate enough to their luxurious bathrooms. It should be the same thing for your hot-tubs in your spa enclosure.

Set it Far from the Pool

Now, if you have a pool and a spa enclosure, you can no longer try to convince people that you’re not rich. However, both home features don’t have to be too gaudy to look at too. If your backyard or property has ample space, keep your spa enclosure as far from your pool as possible. This doesn’t have to mean that you’ll build your enclosure on the front lawn as well. But rather, for the sake of privacy and maximizing the space of your backyard, it’s best if these two home features aren’t too close to each other.  Wouldn’t it be a bother when people are having a pool party when you’re trying to relax in your own home spa?

Keep it Private

And speaking of privacy, this is a must for any spa enclosure. With how you build, decorate, or where you set it in your property, you have to ensure that you’ll get as much privacy as you need when you’re spending time inside it. In terms of construction, close it up with as much wooden walls and dividers as you can. This is what separates spa enclosures from backyard gazebos, although your backyard structure can be both at the same time. You can also plant around your structure, not only for its sweet scents but it will also show your neighbors, guests, and passers-by that your structure is not to be entered without permission.

Keep it Intimate

A spa enclosure should be intimate. Many of the backyard structures of celebrities are often intimate. Despite being in big Hollywood properties, their home spas are usually smaller (but still proportioned), and sometimes even hidden from public view. You should do the same. This is your home feature wherein you can get some peace and quiet. It should be intimate with limited access to other people outside of your own household. But even inside, the way you increase space, decorate it, or light it up—these all have to be intimate as well!

It’s Your Sanctuary!

It can’t be stressed enough that there is a big difference between having a backyard gazebo to installing a home spa enclosure. The former can be inviting, open, and free for use for anyone in the household. While a spa enclosure is your own sanctuary, and it should reflect that. Perhaps the easiest thing to do this is to install a special lock that only you and a handful of your housemates know how to open. It can be in the form of a password, key cards, or normal keys given to only a limited number of people. The fewer people get to go inside the spa enclosure, the better!

Take these decorative cues and security tips from celebrities and ensure that your own spa enclosure remains your own intimate sanctuary. Nobody has to trouble themselves about it other than you!

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