Romantic Design Ideas for Your Hot Tub Enclosure

Everyone wants to have their own romantic sanctuary. A special place where you can spend quality time with your significant other without being disturbed by anyone else. A hideaway you can escape to during Valentine’s Day, both your birthdays and just about any time you want to be with each other. For some, that place is a whole city—the likes of Paris, Rome, or even Bali. But for any others, this place is more intimate, allowing themselves to shut off from the world and spend time in each other’s company. This can either be your bedroom or even, your own hot tub enclosure.

Hot tub enclosures are usually intimate already, but oftentimes, it doesn’t look the part. The jacuzzi pool might be too big, the wood can be too rustic-looking, and no other feature looks private and peaceful enough for a romantic rendezvous. If you want to transform your enclosure into your own romantic hideaway, here are some design tips to follow to set everything into the right mood!

Everything’s Coming Up Roses

What a place without some botanical bliss? Plants help liven things up in any room and keep the air smelling sweet and fresh. Having them inside your room is not only good for the eyes, but for the soul as well. In your hot tub enclosure, just about any plant is suitable. But if you want to make it more romantic-looking, choose roses! You don’t have to plant an entire rose bush inside your backyard structure, but you can buy bouquets of it to fill the room. Whether you put them in a vase or sprinkle petals of it in the hot tub, roses will get you in the mood for love!

Chiffon over Satin

Satin is so yesterday (some may argue so last century), today’s it’s all about chiffon. When your hot tub enclosure has a lot of windows and open areas, curtains can give you the right privacy without closing off the air in your backyard. They also add a nice pop of color to any room. Usually, when people want to get into the mood, they’d use satin as the fabric of choice. However, this is so old-school that it practically hurts (literally!) Chiffon is a nicer, lighter, and more elegant alternative to satin curtains and beddings. It’s a sensual material that will seduce any couple into making love!

Go Red or Neutal

When it comes to color, hot tub enclosures usually get it wrong. It’s always earthy tones or shades of navy, more so to evoke a rustic appeal or to make things seem private, but such hues won’t get anyone into the mood for love if that’s the ultimate idea. If you want a more romantic-looking hot tub enclosure, go for shades of red. Whether it is a rich tone of crimson, a pale play on pink, or a strong shade of red, this color scheme will work wonders for your love life. However, mix it in with some neutral colors in order to not overwhelm your partner when inside the room.

Sweet-Scented Candles

Is there anything more romantic than candles? Unlikely! Candles light up any room in such an intimate way that it automatically gets people into the mood without uttering a single word. But for your hot tub enclosure in your backyard, have it scented as well. Scented candles are a sure fire way (pardon the pun!) to help your significant other feel more relaxed inside the structure. Make sure that the scents are sweet and light, such as vanilla, lavender, rose, and more. These scents will calm one’s nerves and get them more confident to do whatever they want in the private and romantic hot tub enclosure!

Fairy Lights

If you want to avoid a fire hazard, you can forego scented candles and use fairy lights instead. More commonly known as Christmas lights, fairy lights are strings of twinkling sparkles that are light enough to let you see, but still toned down and intimate. Why do you think it’s great for the Christmas? However, fairy lights also work for Valentine’s Day, and when you put them up in your hot tub enclosure, you’re bound to score some love points with your significant other. Install them by the ceiling so that they’ll be far from the watery hot tub and you’re sure that no accident will happen when you’re inside.

Put in some Plushness

Inside your house, which do you think is the most romantic part? Most likely your answer will be the bedroom, and more often than not, you’re right! But part of what makes your bedroom romantic is not just the privacy you enjoy in it, but also your bed and pillows. A sense of plushness gets everyone at ease, and in an intimate hot tub enclosure, they make for romantic decorative features. Whether they’re pillows, beanbag chairs, blankets and more, a touch of softness will further get you in the mood like no other!

A Touch of Exoticism

One of the most romantic things a couple can do is to travel the world together. There’s no greater feeling than experiencing a different culture with your significant other. But if you don’t have the necessary funds take your partner around the world, you can incorporate a piece of some countries into your hot tub enclosure. Such a feature might prove to be romantic, so much so that the backyard structure can become your own romantic hideaway spot. Some silk from India, statuettes from Thailand, candles from Italy, a fan from Spain, and many like these are the perfect exotic touches to make things more beautiful and more romantic.

Mini Bar

Finally, put a mini bar into your hot tub enclosure for a truly romantic final touch. You can pack in some wine, champagne, and other beverages that are mainstays in dates and honeymoons. And since you can place them onto a movable tray, it won’t take up as much space as the mini bars inside your home. Furthermore, they can be the best refreshments for your date. You won’t have to keep going to and from the house to get drinks for your time together.

Transform your hot tub enclosure into your own romantic haven by incorporating these and many more like them! You’ll now have your own personal spot every Valentine’s Day!

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